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Cyclus Reconexion - bags and accessories made from reused tyres

About Cyclus

If you’re looking for a funky fashion accessory which not only provides a statement but also shows how much you care about recycling, check out these Cyclus range of products.

Beautifully designed, the materials are constructed from recycled tyre rubber so every bag has its own unique texture. The recycled materials are treated locally in Colombia, and are also free from animal products.

Established in 2002, Cyclus is a coveted Colombian accessories brand with the objective to recycle urban materials and provide unique designer street wear.

Cyclus started with a team of two and has grown to a team of 25 today. Their success has spread beyond Colombia and the company now export to countries such as UK, Spain, Italy, US Canada and now New Zealand and Australia.

All materials are treated locally in Colombia. The process takes the inner tubes (non degradable materials) through a cleaning process (free of chemicals), is then classified to be used in the design process as the primary material to make durable, award winning accessories.  Cyclus products are also free from animal products.



The process that Cyclus use in order to transform tires and give them new uses is the following:


Once they arrive at the factory, the inner tubes are washed and cleaned with bio-friendly products and completely biodegradable catalysts.
When ready for manipulation, the inner tubes are incorporated into the cutting process.


Each inner tube is unique.
Cyclus choose the most appropriate one for each piece, considering aesthetics and its caliber.  Depending on the final product, we select its location and configuration within the material for final cutting.


Each product model is made up of a number of pieces which, once cut, are marked and assembled for sawing.


The trimmers are the people in charge of completing the stiching process with machines, in charge of unifying the collection of pieces for a final product.
This team of experts trims the product pieces using non-conventional materials and they have developed effective techniques that guarantee product quality.


To complete the production process, the product is cleaned and polished with the goal of giving it an ideal finish.
Before Cyclus label and pack our products, they are submitted to final quality control in order to ensure that we deliver a functional and long lasting product.

The Cyclus recycling and manufacturing process


Every innertube is unique and beautiful in both its appearance and texture.

Every product made with our Premium Recycled Colombian Innertube will have its story to share.       

There’s a variety of great Cyclus bags available to suit everyone’s needs, from satchels to laptop bags and back packs - great for cyclists, students, and important people on the go.

Paco Design is the sole distributer for Cyclus in New Zealand